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Fredrikstad & Lundheim

Web camera photographing Fredrikstad,
from Fredrikstad Blad, the local paper.
Click on the image for a larger picture.

Fredrikstad dates from 1567, when Swedish troops burnt the town Sarpsborg, and King Fredrik II decided that a new market town should be built at the mouth of the river Glomma. The new town was, of course, named after the king.

The original site was on the east bank of the Glomma, and there you can still find preserved the old fortified town. Until last year, 2002, the Norwegian Army kept a regiment stationed in the Old Town, but they have left now. The modern city centre is on the west bank.

We live on the east bank, in Åbyggeveien in the Lundheim area. Lundheim was built after the Second World War, as one of many projects to get enough modern housing for everyone. In Lundheim this was done by renting plots of land to families who the built their own houses, within a set of specifications from the municipality. The result was an area with very similar buildings, although the effect has been mitigated by later add-ons. The East Side Football Stadium is in Lundheim.

The name Åbygge comes from the middle ages, when Norway was divided into ship districts that each had to supply a fully equipped and manned ship for the defense of the country. Åbygge ship district was the current East Side and Borge.

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